June 15, 2016

The Who

| BIO |

Carol Rasaphangthong is a graduate of The Los Angeles Film School. She holds an Associates Degree of Science in Film, majoring in Production Design and minoring in Editing with Screenwriting as an elective.

Carol has worked on numerous short films in the Art Department. Her experiences lead her to discover a new passion, Directing. She literally built a platform, Cool Town as we know it, where she could exercise both her Production Design and Directorial skills in between new projects. She has since created attention grabbing animated shorts, which have been featured on TakePart.com, a subdivision of Participant Media and  won the Energy Efficient Award in the Media Lab Studios Efficient Film Challenge, through IFC, Sundance Channel & Earthjustice.

Carol’s other accomplishment includes MOFILM: Pepsi Short Film Video Competition (2010) where another one of her animation shorts placed 4th and her most infamous “Message From Cool Town” was a runner-up in Zeitgeist Films’ A TOWN CALLED PANIC stop-motion animation contest (2010).  Among her many layers of talent and in the not-so-distant future, Carol is working on writing both short and feature films that empower women with an urban backdrop, as well as exploring the possibilities of Cool Town Creations and other collaborative efforts.