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They say, you can't do it all - I say, watch me.


Hi, my name is Carol Rasaphangthong and I'm a storyteller with a miniature twist, a content producer, filmmaker, author, and experimental creative.


As a Jill of all trades, it is extremely difficult to turn in one hat in for another, but sometimes it's a must.


That said, this site is predominately to showcase my style through some of my work - work that have derived from pure curiosity and client trust.


I would love to collaborate with those who can embrace my unconventionality, creativity and perspective and style; those who are open to the creative forces joining the process and are very keen to its influences within the moment - after all, isn't that what moments are? ;)

If this is you - and you'd like to get down with this creative - give me a shout and we can set something up!


I am currently available to produce, shoot and edit social media content, stop-motion animation, interviews/highlight/promo videos and more. I'm also open to miniature commission work.


My creative services is open to a range of strange, concepts and ideas, so please do inquire ;) 

In a nutshell, I build, I shoot, I edit, I photograph and I write...conceptually, directional-ly, and freestyling-y.

Can ya' dig it? 

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