Thanks for being curious about this tab! As some of you may or may not know, I recently self-published my first book. It's an anthology filled with prose, poetry, photography, essays, thoughts and concepts.


Below, you will find a live Instagram feed from my book page @vignetteofthoughts - (give yo' girl a follow, will ya? ;) And just below that feed, is a sample excerpt of my book for you to explore! If you're interested in a signed hard copy, please follow the link above the PDF viewer (scroll down).

I have always found it fulfilling to inspire my fellow creatives and to watch my fellow beings develop and grow from there wicks being sparked. And that is where I operate from, a place where I am hoping to help those around me reach their truest potentials. It pains me to see wasted potential and talent and I dedicate my creative journey to motivating and inspiring individuals to look a little deeper inside oneself. I would love to do this for you, too. ;)  If you're OK with that, please indulge in the content below. 

Also, one last thought - I have an actual separate blog for my authorship which is currently a free wix site under: vignetteofthoughts.wixsite.com - head there for updates on my literature venture as it is only starting to expand! I have a non-fiction in the works along with the follow-up book to 'Out of My Mind & Into Yours'.


Thanks again for dropping in on this tab - enjoy!

"Out of My Mind -&- Into Yours: Vignette of Thoughts"

Curious about my book? Have a gander of several pages I hand-selected for your reading pleasure. ;) Signed copies available here: https://etsy.me/2nXs9ce

Vignette of Thoughts

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